The sports department was under the students affairs division formerly until the inception of the present administration of Dr. (Mrs.) C.U. Njoku, who elevated the department to a directorate, as soon as she came on board, thereby detaching sports from Students Affairs Division. FPNO_Facilities10

At the moment, the directorate has a ‘’Director of Sports’’ as against the former that has ‘’Dean Student Affairs Division’’. By the new status, the directorate has now been enlarged in scope where it can also have other departments in the same sports directorate.


The overall head of the directorate is Mr. Uhiara Fidel, a chief lecturer. He has an assistant director in the name of Mr. Napoleon Onuoha, a chief technologist as the administrative staff, while Deacon J.O. Duru is the Chief Coach and assisted by Arukwe-Godswill Njideka, Senior Sports Coach on the technical/professional aspect of sports and games.


Apart from the NIPOGA (Nigerian Polytechnic Games) and NIPOSGA (Nigerian Polytechnic Senior Staff Games) , the directorate alFPNO_Facilities09so has a plan to organize what it termed, ‘’WALK FOR LIFE’’ for all the staff of the Polytechnic at least, two times every month (i.e), the second and last Saturdays of every month, in order to keep the health level of the employers high.

Furthermore, the directorate also has a functional gymnasium for both staff and students, that also would want to enhance their fitness level and there are timetables for each of these two target groups.