Rector Holds Interactive Meeting with Students Union and Student Representatives at One Thousand Capacity Auditorium.

The Rector and management had an interactive session at 1000 capacity with the student’s union executives and student’s representatives from various departments. The Rector Dr. (Mrs.) C.U Njoku in her opening remarks thank the students of the school especially the Students’ Union Government for their effort in making the school good for excellence. She said that that for the past 4-5years, the school has had good student union government. 

Extortion: Dr. Njoku cautioned the students on extortion by fellow students, lecturers extorting students, non-academic staff extorting the students. She warned the course reps not to collect money from students as it is a serious vice and students caught will be severely punished by expulsion or suspension also warned students selling books for lecturer to desist for such act. 

On Academics: The Rector lamented on the rates of laisser-faire attitude on the parts of the students as some don’t come to class nor do their assignment and pleaded with them take their work serious as it will help them be what they will be in future. She frowned at the rate which student sort lecturer practical and assessment. She stated categorically that she is not happy by the acts of then students. 

Election: Dr. Njoku commended the student’s union election that was peaceful and urged them to imbibe the spirit of fair play and democratic principle. Exams: she retreated the school desire to produce well trained graduates in behavior and academics in the same vein she informed them that the school has expelled many for exam malpractice and other vices and will continue to do so. 

Vices On Academics: The Rector frowned at the rate which the girls are seen standing at Naze junction masters energy waiting for men. She emphasised that the men will not marry them but fool them around, they should avoid bad joints in town and shun indecent dressing in and outside the school, and with events in the country she advised students both male and female to be careful. Dr. Njoku advised students to use designated church to conduct their fellowship and not when classes are going on in the lecture hall. Furthermore, the student living in the school should mind their hostels and avoid nocturnal activities. Avoid using phone when teaching is going on. Avoid befriending lecturers and visiting them at odd times. She admonished the boys to stop buying drinks, sending recharge card for their lecturers. The Rector said that if the student and staff imbibe the culture of goodness and righteousness the school will achieve its common goal. 

On Health: The Rector advised the students to make use of the school medical facilities and avoid self-medication as this will save their lives. In his address, the student’s union president Nnachetam Onumara thanked the Rector for her wonderful achievement and desire to make the school the best. Nnachetam said that the student has done very well and appealed to the school management to help them. He rated the relationship with the school as friendly and very cordial. The Rector gave students opportunity to ask question on issue of importance to them. The questions were asked by students which border on overall student’s welfare. In her response, the Rector emphasised that the management may not solve all the problems but will do their best to do much they can. At the end, the student’s union vice president gave the vote of thanks. 

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