Information & Communication Technology Department

The Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Department develops and maintains an internal network of over 1000 desktop and Laptop workstations, digital office equipment and the networking equipment, operating systems and servers to tie them together.

Our department maintains an array of School Management systems including school portal, post utme examination and screening, course registration system, and a human resources information system. In addition to maintaining existing systems we are actively working to introduce new systems for areas such as, financial information management (eTranzact), electronic information management, and voice over IP. We also provide a helpdesk function for assistance to all FEDPONEK staff and students with use of MS Office Professional and other related software as well as the printers and photocopiers.

IT understands the importance and the value of having access to reliable information.
IT’s main responsibilities include:
• Manage the institution’s hardware, software and physical communication
• Provide a source of guidance for technology issues for staff and students
• Maintain information security and availability
• Provide a corporate perspective on information technology initiatives
• Supply the guidance and infrastructure to deliver meaningful information
• Provide adequate information technology training courses for both staff and students of all departments using the newest technology.


Client Services

Client Services works with the over 1000 staff of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri to provide hardware and software required to perform their daily tasks. The additional functions of operating a helpdesk and providing technicians who are able to work with staff at their desks to resolve problems makes this branch the most widely recognized part of the IT Department. Additionally, Client Services works to implement new tools such as the newly refurbished Council chambers and a new service call management application.

Development Services

Development Services has three principle functions.
1) Enterprise Application Services works towards the implementation of new technologies designed to meet the ever-growing demands of the institution.
2) Development and Support Services works to enhance and support applications.
3) Training Services works to ensure FEDPONEK staff have the knowledge necessary to work with the ever-growing tools and technology available to them.

Network Services

Network Services maintains the connectivity of all FEDPONEK technical devices, supplies servers to centrally store and maintain all data and applications, ensures the protection of all data and technology through security software and data backups, and the transferring of information through radio and wireless technology. In addition this branch is responsible for the communications infrastructure allowing staff to communicate with each other, the students, screening officers, and other academic and non-academic bodies.

Technology Advisory Services

Technology Advisory Services works towards the research and development of new technology and the financial and logistic coordination required for maintaining the technology used in operating the FEDPONEK. As well, they are responsible for maintaining all software licenses required by the Institution for daily operations along with identifying technological trends and risks, and enabling partnerships with community stakeholders.