FPNO graduates 37 LECAN students.

FPNO graduates 37 LECAN students.

It was a momentous joy as graduates of a special 5-month proficiency course for members of Licensed Electrical Constructors Association of Nigeria (LECAN) completed their course.

The certificate presentation that took place at the prestigious council chamber saw the graduands match elegantly with their silver gold graduation gown to the chamber. The certificate programme which was domiciled in the directorate of Continuing Education Centre (CEC) was designed to sharpen the candidates’ entrepreneurial skills and make their services more rewarding. The course which navigated the students to various academic points include Use of English, Human Relations Management, Public Procurement, Basic Introduction of Electrical Systems, Testing and Certification, Bill Board Technology, Lightening Fitting, Computer Technology and IT essentials.

The participants who are artisans already have slept in electrical wiring and installation have craving for more knowledge and desire to be more successful. This successful outing has opened a new visit of education for artisans in neighbouring states.

In her opening address, the Director of CEC, Dr. (Mrs.) Ijeoma Ibe said that she has a set of special students who acquired self-reliance skills in ICT and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Ijeoma said that the instructors were conscious of the variance in the students’ qualifications and experience and fashioned out an easy way of accommodating all of them. She thanked the Rector and Management for opening new vista of education for artisans in Imo state.

In her address, the Rector of the institution DR. (MRS.) Cele U. Njoku expressed her desire as the school has once again graduated another set of special students. She said that the students have come face to face with modern technology and improved way of doing things. She advised them to put into practice all they have learned in the course of plying their trade.

The Rector told them that their business will grow in leaps and bounds, as they have sowed, they must reap. She said that she would liaise with the Ministry Of Education.

Present at the occasion were children, wives and friends of the graduands, members of the press, principals officers of the school etc.