The department of Food Technology, hence, sees herself as owing a duty to the populace to ensure that these challenges are tackled head-on and surmounted with the application of sound principles of scientific and engineering dimensions, so that wholesome/nutritious food with aesthetic appeal and appropriate shelf-life is produce in diverse forms for the end users at affordable prices.
The department of Food Technology distinguishes herself in terms of her commitment to teaching, learning and mentoring of her students, having tasked herself to:
I. instill in her students sound academic principles, lofty moral standard and technical expertise required to distinguish them as Food Technologists in the industry, research and academic fields, as well as in the civil service;
II. engender a sense of fulfilment in the students arising from enlightenment due to the imbibing of a comprehensive knowledge of the several facets of Food Technology, and the development of self-confidence associated with being able to handle analytical/laboratory and processing equipment, as well as solve hypothetical or actual challenges in Food Technology through critical thinking/reasoning practical dexterity;
III. develop well-grounded middle-and high-level manpower through practical-based activity with globally-accepted best practices resulting from training and inter-disciplinary/inter-institutional synergy, which would make her products highly sought-after in varieties of associated disciplines after the completion of their training;
IV. create a sound platform for interfacing with professionals/industrialists and integration into prestigious professional bodies like NIFST and NSN, consolidating on institutional identity by inculcating a sense of dignity and pride in the students, as well as fostering knowledge and skill-transfer via such interactions;
V. equip the students with relevant training to become employable, and/or becoming employers of labour, as they so desire, after the completion of their programme(s).


Candidates seeking admission into the Food Technology must possess five (5) credits in Mathematics, English Language, Chemistry, Biology and Physics at not more than two (2) sittings for eligibility for admission via UTME. Furthermore, the candidates must attain an acceptable pass score in the UTME result, having written subject combinations as may be required by JAMB, FPNO, and the Food Technology Department.
Prospective students, who seek to gain entry, having completed pre-ND programmes in other recognized Polytechnics, should have obtained a CGPA of 2.75 and above.


Prospective candidates must have:
i. a Lower Credit and above in ND result obtained from FPNO or other recognized polytechnic with proof having competed a mandatory 1-year industrial training effective from the date of completion of the ND programme;
ii. a Pass in ND result obtained from FPNO with evidence of two years’ Industrial Training effective from the date of completion of the ND programme.