Computer Engineers are a part of a team who apply their knowledge of
Mathematics and science for the design and development of a computer. Computer Engineers are responsible for designing, developing. Implementing and testing computer computer-base d hardware and software , including the components that are found inside computer equipment, as well as actual devices that contain the computer and the software that runs on those machines. They may also design networks that connect computer systems, and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware. `Those who deal with the computer equipment as such, are termed as computer hardware engineers and those who deals with the computer programs are called computer software engineers.

Hardware engineers are involved in the research, designing, testing, manufacturing and installation of computer hardware such as computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems and related equipments. Their work is similar to that of electronic engineers but their work is exclusively limited to computers and computer –related equipment. Computer engineers have the option of moving into hardware of software positions or blending the two.
Computer engineers work in almost every industry – from health care and gaming to banking and online shopping. Computer engineers solve problems in hardware, software, systems, and networks so things like your laptop or big airplanes work properly. Computer engineers make current devices we use for work and entertainment faster, smaller, cheaper, smarter, and safer.


>Software engineers
>Software and hardware maintenance engineers
>Telecommunication industries
>Banks as software engineers
>Industries to maintain and design controls using Microprocessors
>improve internet security to help protect your informatio0n and make it safer to buy things online.
>Design faster processors to help make HDTV and 3D TV watching and video gaming experience better.
>develop biomedical systems to help monitor patients in hospitals .
>Implement sensor networks to help make robots more human-like.
>create the smart power grid to help mange energy distribution to households across the country.
>Work with digital forensics to help police and FBI track and catch cyber criminals.
>installation configuration and troubleshooting of computers
>Design of computer –based systems using microprocessor and microcontrollers.