The programme as an applied field of study, utilizes knowledge and skills not only from Chemistry but other Chemistry – Science – related courses like Geosciences. Medicine, Pharmacy, Food Technology, Biotechnology, etc to solve problems relating to man and his environment. The Higher National Diploma programme in Chemistry is designed to produce technologists capable of carrying out various laboratory analysis and practical works independently thereby complementing the work of the scientist in Industrial and Laboratory work, chemical analysis as well as the production processes.


The structure of the HND Programme consists of four semesters of classroom, laboratory and workshop activities in the college. Each Semester is of seventeen (17) weeks with the duration made up as follows:
15 contact weeks of teaching i.e. lecture and Practical exercises etc and 2 weeks for tests, quizzes, examinations and registration.
The General Education component shall include courses in (1) Arts, Humanities such as English Language and Communication; (2) Business such as Entrepreneurship Development (3) special Sciences as computer Science.