The Bursary otherwise known as the Polytechnic Treasury House is one of the six (6) Divisions in the Institution. It is as old as the Polytechnic which took off around August/September, 1978 as College of Technology (COTECH), Owerri. The first Bursar was Mr. Alozie whose services were transferred from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) to the COTECH. He was succeeded by Mr. Clement Egwuagu who came on secondment from the Imo State Ministry of Finance as the 2nd substantive Bursar.

Then in late 1978, Mr. Bede E. Mbawuike took over from Mr. Egwuagu as the 3rd substantive Bursar. In 1979, Mr. Hyacinth Nwaosuagwu who was in charge of the cash office acted as Bursar for a few months. That was followed by the arrival of Mr. S. N. Opara on board as the 4th substantive Bursar in 1980. Mr. Opara was succeeded by Mrs. U. A. Nwaugo as the 5th substantive Bursar. After her came Mr. Ahukam on secondment as the 6th substantive Bursar. He handed over to Mr. C. M. Ogu as the 7th substantive Bursar. Mr. J. O. E. Nzekudu who was the 8th on the line took over the baton from Mr. Ogu and when he (Nzekudu) retired, Mrs. Yadirichukwu Emeh, a Chief Accountant in the Bursary took over as the 9th substantive Bursar. Mrs. Emeh’s exit at the end of her tenure, gave way for Mr. V. O. Okereke, another Chief Accountant in the Bursary who took charge of the affairs of the Division for a short period in 2009. Then Mr. A. N. Obi came on board as the 10th substantive Bursar with effect from 11th January, 2010 and has remained till date.


In a nutshell, the Division has successfully been administered by the following men and women of repute in both substantive and acting capacities, some of whom are late:


  1. Mr. Alozie
  2. Mr. Clement U. Egwuagu
  3. Dr. Mbawuike, Bede E.
  4. Mr. Nwaosuagwu, Hyacinth
  1. Mr. S. N. Opara
  2. Mr. R. K Mongia (Indian)
  3. Mr. Uwagbama, D. N.
  4. Mrs. Nwugo U. A
  5. Mr. Ahukam A. M
  6. Mr. Ogu C. M
  7. Mr. Nzekudu J. O. E
  8. Mrs. Yadirichukwu Emeh
  9. Mr. V. O. Okereke
  10. Mr. A. N. Obi (Current Bursar)

(Please see attached, as Appendix A, a brief profile on the current Bursar)



There are at the moment, ten (10) departments housed by the Division. They are listed below with their functions:

  •  Central Stores:

This department receives, takes custody and issues stocks and documents the general movement of stocks to various units, departments and Divisions.

  •  Treasury:

Here, the Institution’s revenues are received and receipted for.  All payments and banking operations take place in the department.

  •  Budgetary & Expenditure:

In this Department, Budget matters are handled; memorandum of accounts of all contracts/contractors with the tax elements are maintained and updated. Also the vote book is updated and kept here.

  •  Final Accounts:

In addition to the normal maintenance of accounting books, the department handles, VAT, WHT & PAYE matters, analysis of PVs and JVs and maintains non-staff debtors’/creditors’ ledgers.

  •  Payroll

This department is saddled with the responsibility of preparing salary schedules on a monthly basis. It also handles such other matters as preparation of the schedule of payment for other categories of workers like contract staff and corps members.

  •  Advances:

The Department mainly deals with staff ledgers, preparation of schedule of outstanding balances on each staff ledger and that on staff who are in arrears of retirement of advances, etc.

  •  Students’ Account:

This department maintains account for each student and undertakes their clearance process.

  • Purchasing:

Here, a register of details on each local purchase order (LPO) is maintained. Schedules of approved purchases and that of outstanding approvals for the purchase of items are maintained. Also the department handles cash purchases and market surveys as may be directed. It is also in charge of fuel and lubricants.

  •  Management Account:

This department is in charge of the IGR accounts. It is a new creation of the present Bursary Administration.

  •  Bursar’s Office:        This is the administrative nerve centre of the Division.


The above ten departments are presently headed by the following officers:

  •  Central Stores                                                –           Mr. Oguoma Principal Stores Officer I
  •  Treasury                                                           –          Mrs. Ijeoma Onyechere

     Assistant Chief Accountant

  •  Budgetary and Expenditure                        –           Mr. G. O. C. Onyealusi

   Assistant Chief Accountant

  •  Final Accounts                                               –           Mr. V. N. Anyanwuocha

Chief Accountant

  •  Payroll                                                             –           Mrs. A. C. Ojiuko

           Chief Accountant

  •  Advances                                                        –           Mr. Patrick Okere

                                                                                                   Assistant Chief Executive Officer

  •  Students’ Accounts                                       –           Mrs. T. N. Ogbonna

       Principal Executive Officer I

  •  Purchasing                                                     –           Mr. L. C. Egwuagu

Chief Purchasing Officer

  •  Management Accounts                                –           Mrs. Ijeoma Ukwu

  Assistant Chief Accountant

  •  Bursar’s Office                                               –           Mrs. Helen Achogbuo  Secretary to Bursar